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Thick Leather Metal Spiked Dog Collar




Thick Leather Metal Spiked Dog Collar

Extra Thick Genuine Leather Collar With Metal Spikes - Stand out and keep your dog safe from attacks. Great for areas known for wild animals attacking pets or big-city neighborhoods known for loose aggressive dogs. Heavy-duty metal spikes are riveted into the leather collar, not sewn in like other brands, to ensure durable, long-lasting protection. We used the best chrome steel for the large D-ring and buckle because we know, you want only the best for your pet!
Pet Neck Defender Spikes - Strong chrome steel spikes will protect your dog or pet from other animals attacks. Aggressive animals will strike at the neck, when attacking to cause the most damage to their prey. Attacking animals can not bite into the 2 inches wide by ¼ inch thick leather and the spikes cause immediate pain to the offending animal resulting in leaving your dog or pet safe and unharmed.
BE ADVISED: The spike studded leather dog collars pointed metal tips are very sharp. Our collar should only be worn when needed to prevent injury to others when your pet is at play or rest. Be careful when children or others are present while your dog or pet is wearing the spiked studded extra thick genuine leather collar. 
Be sure to accurately measure the circumference of you dog or pets neck including two fingers of space before ordering. All pet collars should never be tight or constricting around an animal’s neck. Always leave two fingers of space when sizing a pet collar for a safe and proper fitting collar. We have 4 perfect sizes available in various colors and styles in stock now!
  • Genuine 2 inches Wide and Extra Think Leather.
  • Hardened Chrome Steel Spikes With True Leather Rivets.
  • Heavy-Duty D-Ring And Buckle For The Strongest Of Dogs
  • Many Colors and Patterns To Choose From
  • Made With Your Pets Safety In Mind!