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Corner Brush Cat Self Scratcher



Corner Brush Cat Self Scratcher

Our corner brush cat self scratcher provides a large friction area for cats to rub up against. Your kitty will definitely LOVE this toy! It is made of durable plastic bristles that are strong and blunt so your kitty won't get injured. 

This cat self brushing toy is suitable for almost any corner, sofa, table, or chair. Our cat self-grooming brush can be easily mounted with a screw or double-sided tape or glue. With this cat self grooming brush, cats can brush themselves when they want to be brushed. This cat self-grooming wall massage brush helps to remove and collect shedding hair and it's easy to disassemble and clean.
  • Cats can enjoy a good scratch at any time!
  • Tough, stimulating bristles are easy to clean.
  • Mounts to any smooth corner with the included heavy-duty mounting strips. 
  • 6 Great Colors to choose from!