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New Instant Net Pet Barrier No Damage Install



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Instant Pet Net Barrier

This Instant Pet Net Barrier is the easiest and most discreet way to protect pets throughout the house. The pet gate is recommended for small pets and can be moved from one place to another in the house when needed. When not in use, the Pet Door takes up minimal space and blends seamlessly with your home and decor, in a simple yet elegant design.
Magic gate works as a baby safety gate and pet gate to provide a secure enclosure for play and rest. Suitable to place anywhere in the house from doors, between walls, stairs, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, or even outdoors. No longer worry about the safety and security of pets, now you can prevent them from going outside the house. You can also create a private space for them when you have visitors around.
This magic door will help you put your pets where you want them to stay. Don't worry about their safety and security anymore, now you can prevent them from going outside the house.
Indoor security gates easy to install just hook the hook on both sides of the door (proper position) fully assembled for immediate use. No tools required. To avoid damaging the wall when you pull it, please measure your door size, make sure the seat is suitable, and then stick the hook on it.
The unique woven barrier the portable mesh folding magic gate easily retracts for full or partially quick passage. When not in use, you can easily fold it up and store it anywhere you want, it also takes up almost no space.