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Non-slip Pet Food And Water Bowl With Stand




Cute Non-Slip Pet Food And Water Bowl With Stand!

Multiple positions with a lift-out design for easy simple cleaning.

Pets like to eat things a little off the ground. It’s better for their necks, too. So we include a stand that will make you both happy. Our cute non-slip pet food or water bowl with stand is made of non-toxic plastic material that is safe and environmentally friendly. It is easy to clean, and assemble in seconds! You may not know it but with your cat eating at an elevated position is something good for them. It helps with digestion as it opens up their airflow.
This tilted bowl is designed with a tilt of 15° to increase the base, so as to reduce the cervical vertebra compression caused by excessive lowering of the head when the pet eats, and to eat healthily. Double bowl design with high base and cat ear design.
The tilted feeding bowl rests on a slope so that the pet's food falls towards them. Their whiskers won’t touch and they’ll have easier access to their meals. Show your pet a little love and get them something extra special. Just for them. Order your cute non-slip pet food or water bowl with stand today, and make your pets happy.