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"See-ME" Breathable Mesh Chest Pet Carrier

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"See-ME" Pet Carrier - Breathable Mesh Chest Pet Carrier


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   Keep your small dog or cat upfront and in the action with you this summer, not on your back like a school bag! The See-ME Pet Carrier - Breathable Mesh Chest Pet Carrier is a fun, unique, and engaging way to take your cat or small dog with you wherever you go!
   A great way for small dogs affected with brachycephaly to get around. If you have a French Bulldog, Shih Tzu, Pug, Pekingese, or Boston Terrier then you know how scary it can be when those breeds get overheatedBreathable Tough-Tech nylon will keep your companion cool and comfortable with Thru-Flo Vents to maximize cooling efficiency.
   Stop-Safe Neck Design keeps the neck opening secure without constricting on your pet's neck. The neck opening-pulls are durable and pull-stops are strong enough for the wiggliest-wigglers. Double-down on safety with the No-Dive anchor strap and buckle, ensuring a safe journey.
   5 Vivid Colors to choose from with charcoal accents. The Tough-Tech nylon material is scratch and puncture-resistant with leak-proof chest pad and bottom to keep accidents in the carrier and not on you.
   You'll get all the kisses while keeping an eye on your precious pooch or kitty this summer with the See-ME Pet Carrier - Breathable Mesh Chest Pet Carrier. Get one today and let your best friend see what's going on!